Invest in Origami™ Paddler

Creating new market potential with the world’s first and only hard-shell kayak/SUP combo


Rapidly Expanding Recreational Paddlecraft Company

The personal-powered watercraft industry is extremely fragmented, and Origami™ Paddler has a robust plan to gain significant market share. To date, we’ve raised $3.8 million to become one of Kickstarter’s most-funded campaigns ever, and generated an additional $11,000,000+ in sales. Now the time has come for us to raise more capital that will empower us to achieve our vision: to put a billion butts in boats.


Making Paddlesports Accessible for Everyone

Our proprietary flagship design has positioned us to scale rapidly in a market desperate for innovation. The Origami™ Paddler is an ultra-portable, versatile, and easily stored personal watercraft—and it’s only the first step in our mission to make paddlesports accessible for everyone.


An Opportunity to Grow Your Investment With Us

With 33,500 boats ordered with over 25,000 eager customers, Origami™ Paddler is in growth mode. As we scale our manufacturing to fill our extensive backlog of orders, we’ve also set our sights on other expansion opportunities. Your investment will allow us to rapidly expand our product line, increase our readily-available inventory, and expand overseas to Europe and Australia where paddlesports are increasingly popular. And as we grow, so could your investment.


Ready to invest in Origami™ Paddler’s exciting future?

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